Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Launch of Take A Breath, Seattle


Offers Complimentary Sessions around the Seattle Metro Area; Art of Living Workshop, September 7-10

SEATTLE,  WA Aug. 29, 2012: The Art of Living Foundation announced  today that it has launched Take a Breath, Seattle, an initiative to help Seattleites recharge and do more of the things they love through the powerful benefits of breath.

Take a Breath, Seattle, is an ambitious initiative that aims to increase awareness about the powerful benefits of breath as a practical tool to combat stress.

The Seattle metro continues to be home for an active, health-conscious population - many of who work under high pressure to deliver in an intensely competitive environment, often leaving them stressed and exhausted.  As part of this initiative, the Foundation offers complimentary meditation sessions across Seattle, Bellevue and Redmond. The one hour sessions offer guided meditation and breathing techniques leaving participants refreshed and rejuvenated. In addition the initiative will bring in John Osborne, an international Art of Living instructor, to lead a four day workshop from September 7-10, at the Meydenbauer Center, Bellevue WA.

“Learning more about how to skillfully use our breath can help us greatly to dissolve stress and increase energy and awareness in every area of our life,” said John Osborne, international teacher at the Art of Living Foundation.

"The pace of life continues to increase putting more demand on us," said Brian Carver, Principal Product Manager at Amazon and also instructor of the Art of Living course. "We are constantly asked to produce more in our professions and communities, sometimes at the cost of our health. Through the breathing and meditation techniques taught in the Art of Living course, we can increase our energy and focus to accomplish more while being relaxed and refreshed at the same time."
The APA’s 2012 Stress in America study reveals that Americans have high stress levels and rely on unhealthy behaviors to manage it. Take a Breath, Seattle, educates the public about the adverse effects of stress and provides simple yet effective tools to manage stress.

Breath is one of the principal sources of energy for the body, and is an important link between the mind and body. Every distinct state of mind or emotions carries with it a specific rhythm of breath. By learning specific rhythms and techniques using the breath we can keep our mind in a steady and calm state no matter what's happening in our outer world.

Take a Breath, Seattle, brings trained teachers on location to lead breathing and meditation sessions at any organization that is open to energize its workforce through hosted group sessions. 
In Seattle, the Foundation serves as a hub for several volunteer activities including breathing and meditation related programs for youth, high school & college students, adults, and prison inmates. Within the three weeks since the launch of the initiative, the Foundation’s volunteer instructors have conducted 20 complimentary meditation sessions.

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